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12 July 2019

Rustenburg – Members of the Rustenburg Crime Combating Forum (RCCF) attended a self-defence class on Friday 5 July – to assist them in their duties while patrolling the streets of Rustenburg to help keep crime at bay.

Sensei Johan Olivier of Raven Wolf Self-defence Martial Arts gave various demonstrations on how to react if someone attacks you with fists, a knife or a gun.

These included techniques from Krav Magna, karate and Wing Chun Kung Fu. He also demonstrated some of the methods that they teach children in case of kidnapping.

In an interview with Platinum Weekly chairperson of RCCF Kobus Ferreira said:

“We would like to thank sensei Johan for taking the time to come and show us these techniques.

Our members found it very informative and it was absolutely worth attending.”

For more information regarding self-defence classes contact sensei Johan on 066 112 0731.

Members of the RCCF attended the self-defence training.
From left: Johan Olivier of Raven Wolf Self-defence Martial Arts and Rassie Erasmus of the RCCF, demonstrating how to handle a knife attack.


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