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12 October 2017
Congratulations to Hendrik Myburgh on a spectacular performance at the TSKKIA All styles competition that took place from 16-17 September. Myburgh competed in numerous disciplines including kata, kumite, sword kata, sward cutting, sword fighting, arrow kata, archery and grappling. He won gold medals in almost all his disciplines – a true 2017 TSKKIA National Champion. With  Myburgh in the photo is Soritsu Sha Shihan Albert Venter on the left.


The Second Dan Senseis of the Tokon Shotokan Karate senior male Unison team, from left: Sensei Stephanus du Plessis, Sensei Pieter Venter and Sensei Wilfred Kilian. This team pocketed second place in the overall Unison Kata competition held on 16-17 September. They performed Nijushiho, a traditional Shotokan Kata, and had the spectators on the edge of the seats as they battled it out. This team took gold in most of their divisions, and were all also awarded as 2017 TSKKIA National champions.



Members of the Tokon Shotokan Karate senior Female Bo Unison team, from left: Senpai Anjelita Maia, Sensai Tana Maia, Senpai Nivenka Stanton and Sensei Celeste Green. This team took first place in the Bo Kata division and was awarded TSKKIA National champions for 2017. For more information contact the TSKKIA  HQ at 082-463 1073 or mail

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