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22 September 2017

In today’s world of instant – everything, using snail mail (the traditional postage system) has almost become a foreign concept. Yet, how do you e-mail or dropbox a jersey that you knitted to your granddaughter at university? Sometimes actually going to the post office or using a private postal service is inevitable.

Assuming that you will be able to mail someone their brand-new kitten however, is a mistake. Don’t be caught unaware: the postal service does not allow the mailing of: perishables, flammables, pesticides, liquids, pets, animals, reptiles, plants, vermin, insects, any living creature, precious stones, jewellery, medicine or fragile items.

Some of these seem quite logical; of course you cannot mail a venomous snake to your enemy, but medicine? Liquids? Does this mean you cannot mail a tightly sealed Coke and some Panados to your friend? Unfortunately, yes, as postal workers are not trained to identify illegal drugs and smugglers would be able to build lucrative businesses by using the postal service.

Flammables also include all fireworks, including crackers. Also, mailing precious stones and jewellery may lead to smuggling and law suits. If you’re unsure whether a certain item may be posted, please check to avoid disappointment.

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