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08 September 2017

Groot Marico – Bookings for the Bosman weekend, from 20-22 October in Groot Marico, are now open!

This year’s program includes six main productions and many smaller performances, workshops and music shows. All meals are included in the package.

“This year more than ever we want to share the sense of the place and local creativity with you. Expect the unexpected! The special theme of the weekend will be announced to those who book for the weekend,” Santa van Bart, from the Bosman Literary Society, said. “Every year after a Bosman weekend, the feeling is that it cannot be bettered. My feeling, as organiser of the program for the past 22 years is... this year is going to be amazing!” Van Bart added.

There will be surprises, magic moments and wonderful experiences even if it is only your first mampoer tasting experience or roosterkoeke and moerkoffie from the fire. The performances are hand-picked for the Marico – it is good!

There is a list of accommodation options and packages available from Santa – kindly make your accommodation bookings through the Information Centre.

For more information, contact Santa van Bart at the Information Centre Groot Marico on 083-272 2958 or 014-503 0085, or email or

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