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18 August 2017

NW – August is Women’s Month and Bakwena N1N4 has partnered with PinkDrive and the Department of Health to raise awareness around breast, testicular and prostate cancer in communities surrounding the Platinum Highway in the North West Province.  

The aim is to educate people about the various types of cancers, early lump detection and clinical examinations.

The second phase of the campaign, which involves the education and screening of the community, will take place on 14-15 August at the Lehurutshe Clinic, and between 16-17 August at the Dinokana Clinic. Between 28-29 August, the campaign will move to the Groot Marico Clinic and on 30-31 August to the Tshwelelopele Clinic in Zeerust.

The team will also talk to learners at the schools in the areas surrounding the various clinics. This year, the Pink Drive mammography truck will be stationed at Dinokana on 17 August and at Tshwelelopele Clinic on 31 August.

Bakwena’s corporate social investment focus areas include, but are not limited to, road safety, health, environment and heritage as well as social economic development. Notably, the organisation initiates extensive social development programmes amongst the communities along the routes it constructs, operates, maintains and builds.  

PinkDrive is a Public Benefit Organisation powering South Africa’s first mobile mammography and educational unit and taking its message that ‘Early Detection Saves Lives’ to communities throughout South Arica. To date, PinkDrive have conducted 11 828 mammograms, 120 192 clinical breast examinations, and educated 306 749 586 women on breast cancer.  

Bakwena is proud to support initiatives such as these as they have the ability to empower, educate and equip women, children and men with the necessary information to manage their health more effectively. 

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