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28 July 2017

Rustenburg – Various incidents of armed house- and business robberies have been reported to the Police this week.

“In quite a number of these incidents, a blue metallic or grey-blue Ford Ranger double cab vehicle with three African occupants have allegedly been involved,” captain Elsabé Augoustides, police spokesperson, said. 

On Monday 24 July at 10h00 in broad daylight, five men robbed Edgars Connect in the Waterfall Mall. One of the men lifted his jacket, showing a firearm to an Edgars Connect employee and warned her to be quiet. The second man approached another employee and forced her into the store room. 
The store was robbed of smart phones and tablets.

After they forced one of the employees to open the safe, a third suspect, an African woman joined the two male suspects.

Edgars connect, a crime scene, as the shop was robbed in broad daylight.
Edgars connect, a crime scene, as the shop was robbed in broad daylight. 

They fled the scene with electronic equipment to the value of about R47 790,00.

“A case of business robbery was registered. Investigations continue,” Augoustides, said.

According to Jessica Varty, marketing manager of the Waterfall Mall, “Five suspects posing as delivery men robbed the store without drawing any attention. The mall’s security responded immediately when the shop’s security alarm was activated. The mall handed valuable footage over to the Police.” 

** These robberies might be the work of a crime syndicate, so please be safe and vigilant. Captain Augoustides warns the public to stay alert and has given the following tips: 

  • Members of the public are warned to be vigilant when approaching their premises at night. 
  • Rather drive by and do not open your gates with your remote if followed. 
  • Try to get the details of vehicles following you.  
  • Keep a safe distance. Phone for assistance.  
  • Give a clear description of vehicles, suspicious people – mention registration numbers.  
  • Mention if they are armed and how many they are. 
  • Remain calm. Do not resist when you are being pointed at with a firearm.  
  • Be careful not to upset armed robbers. They are usually already nervous and might just harm you. 
  • Follow their instructions. 
  • Summon help as soon as possible. If they have gained access inside your home, wait until they leave before calling for assistance. 
  • Alert the police, a security company or neighbours.
  • Press panic buttons only if it is safe to do so. 

Monday 24 July at 18h30: Witstinkhout Avenue, Protea Park

A man went outside for a smoke when three African males pistol whipped him and pulled him into his house. The house alarm was activated and the suspects fled with only the man’s cell phone worth about R10 000.

A case of house robbery was opened. 

Monday 24 July at 19h30: Ridder Street, East End

A man and his wife, with their daughter and grandson, in Ridder street, fell victim to an armed robbery. The daughter and grandson were about to leave, when they were approached by people driving in a silver/grey Ford Ranger double cab with an MP registration number.

Four African males got out of the vehicle and pointed a firearm at the man and warned him to be quiet.

Another person, a tenant, also emerged from his room on his way to work, and was also warned to keep quiet.

After being forced into their home, the suspects stole a handbag, rings, car keys, and house keys. 

Monday 24 July at about 19h15: Cuckoo Avenue Safari Gardens

A man arrived at his home with a friend and as they were about to open the outside gate with a remote, they were suddenly approached by men, pointing at them with firearms.

They were both searched. The suspects, three African males and one coloured male, demanded the keys of his bakkie and robbed them of an I-phone.

The two men were forced inside the house, where the suspects demanded information about the number of occupants in the house. The girlfriend of one of the victims was inside the house and observed what was happening. She activated the panic button and the suspects fled the scene.

They were driving in what looked like a black Colt bakkie with an unknown number plate.

Monday 24 July at about 19h00, Preeti Close, Safari Gardens

A young man was outside his home at his garage door, when a blue Ford Ranger bakkie stopped and four men entered his premises.

Three of the men were wearing balaclavas and two of them were armed.

The man was ordered to open the garage and forced their way inside his house. His father and younger sister were inside the house and were ordered to lie down. The young man was assaulted until he surrendered their safe’s keys.

They suspects robbed the family of two cell phones.

A neighbour realised something was wrong, and called out to the father, upon which the suspects fled the scene.      

Tuesday 25 July at about 00h20, Thaba Legae Lodge, Donkerhoek

A man heard glass breaking in his home. When he got up to investigate, he discovered two African males inside the restaurant of the lodge.

The man shouted for help and his supervisor called for assistance. The local CPF members came to their rescue. Shots were fired.

The suspects intended to remove the plasma TV as they had tampered with the wall mounting. They fled the scene. Nothing was stolen.

Tuesday 25 July at 01h00: Kgaswane Game Lodge, Olifantsnek

Guests at the lodge were overrun when suspects, wearing firearms, forced open their doors and entered their rooms.

The suspects pointed firearms at them, and tied their hands and feet with shoe laces.

The suspects robbed various items to the value of R155 000 and fled the scene.

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