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14 February 2020

Rustenburg – Rustenburg Local Municipality is in the process of replacing water meters to curb theft and improve their billing process.  

The old copper meters, which are now being phased out, are being targeted by criminals who resell it to scrap-metal dealers. The new meters being installed have plastic covers in a deliberate move to prevent theft. 

Rustenburg ward 18 councillor Martha Lerm hopes the theft of water meters will become a thing of the past once all the new meters have been installed. 

“There had been too many cases of theft with regards to the old meters and hopefully we will get a more positive feedback in this area,” she said, in an interview with Platinum Weekly. 

“It is mostly the copper meters that criminals target,” she explained. 

Installing the new meters outside residential areas and homes has also enabled municipal employees to take readings without any hassles.   

“Sometimes, municipal workers tasked to record water meters for billing purposes are not allowed to enter some of the properties. I think this will make it easier for them now,” said a Tlhabane resident. 

The capacity of the municipality to provide adequate supplies of water to its residents has come under scrutiny in recent years. 

Last year, hot weather conditions and heatwaves during summer have also contributed to the city experiencing massive water shortages.

During 2019, the municipality implemented water restrictions in a move aimed at reducing the amount of water consumed by community members.    

One of the water meters outside  a property in Rustenburg North.


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