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14 February 2020

Rustenburg – An outcry from the public over a blocked drainage system that was disrupting activities at the Lifestyle Square shopping centre has finally been attended to by the Rustenburg Local Municipality (RLM).

Apparently, the blocked pipes were forcing sewage to flow onto the pavement near the entrance to the shopping facility.

Additionally, a strong stench of the sewage flow was inconveniencing visitors to the centre and employees at the shops.

Lifestyle Square’s managers, who alerted the municipality about the problem on Friday 31 January, clarified their position in a written statement to shoppers, motorists and businesses operating in the area.

“As of Thursday 6 February, the drain is still overflowing, and the sewage is still pouring into our basement area. As the drain is the property of the RLM, we at the centre are not allowed to work on it,” the statement read.

Until 7 February, when the municipality eventually carried out the repairs, the shopping centre’s cleaning and maintenance team repeatedly made use of chemicals in the basement area to lessen the extent of the stench.

Municipal workers repaired the blocked drainage system. 


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