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04 October 2019

South African - National fuel prices rose on 2 October in the wake of the mid-September drone attacks on the Abqaiq oil refinery in Saudi Arabia.

This is according to the Automobile Association (AA), which said that although oil prices ticked up in the first two weeks of September, the impact of the attacks caused a sharp price increase.

Fuel prizes incresed with 19 cents a litre for 95 octane petrol, with diesel by 25 cents and illuminating paraffin by 24 cents, and 93 octane petrol bucked the trend and declined by four cents a litre.

“South Africa’s transport economy is underpinned by liquid fuels and is extremely vulnerable to price impacts and fuel shortages. 

Government should urgently prioritise mitigations to protect against the potential of conflict-related instability in oil supply and pricing,” the AA press release stated.

Automobile Association press release extracts, 27 September 2019

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