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06 September 2019

Madikwe – Police in Madikwe, acting on a tip-off, arrested a 43-year old suspect on Saturday 31 August in the Moubana village outside Madikwe for the possession of unlawful cigarettes.

The police responded quickly after receiving information about two vehicles, a charcoal BMW and red Volkswagen Golf, escorting a truck – allegedly hi-jacked. 

According to police spokesperson lieutenant colonel Adéle Myburgh, the police spotted the truck on a gravel road leading to Moubana and summoned back-up.

When the suspects realised the police were hot on their tracks, the escorting vehicles fled the scene and left the truck behind. 

The police managed to surround the truck. Five male occupants managed to get away and fled into nearby bushes; nonetheless, the driver of the truck was arrested.

The police discovered boxes of illegal cigarettes with an estimated value of R1 166 000. The driver was charged for the possession of illicit cigarettes: Export Control Act under the Customs and Excise Act 91 of 1964. 

North West acting provincial commissioner, major general Ryno Naidoo, congratulated the police for their swift reaction that led to the massive recovery. 

The police made a successful arrest.
Illegal contraband discovered in the truck.
This truck transported the illegal cigarettes.


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