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16 August 2019

Rustenburg – It might be safe to hitchhike in the rest of the galaxy but in South Africa its not an option.

Don’t even think about it because it’s highly likely that you’ll become a victim of crime.

In an interview with Platinum Weekly on 13 August, police spokesperson captain Elsabé Augoustides firmly warned against hitchhiking. “You can never be sure about the driver’s intentions. Rather be safe and do not hitchhike. In the same breath, don’t pick up strangers – it could be equally unsafe.

Know your destination and the routes to it. Be alert if you get lost. Never ever pick up hitchhikers as most criminals pose as hitchhikers only to hijack, rob, hurt and even kill you.

“We would like to warn people, especially women not to hitchhike as this is extremely dangerous.

You do not know the person giving you a lift and by accepting a lift, you are placing your life in danger,”

captain Elsabé added. 


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