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16 August 2019

Rustenburg – Rustenburg is nestled at the foothills of the Magaliesburg mountains. It is only natural for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts to try and make the most of this breath-taking scenery… However, take heed for your  own safety. 

“Hikers should avoid hiking alone and always carry a charged cell phone in case of emergency,” said police spokesperson captain Elsabé Augoustides in an interview with Platinum Weekly on 12 August. 

“It is imperative that a loved one always knows your location. If you haven’t returned by a specified time, they must be able to sound the alarm,” said captain Augoustides. 

Knowing the location of a hiker is a must – just imagine finding a needle in a haystack as vague as “in the mountains”. The police sometimes find themselves in situations where worried families want them to search “the mountains”. A general location can make all the difference. 

Also, many community members pray at certain parts on the mountain – please do so in numbers for safety sake. When hiking always carry water and wear sunscreen! 



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