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09 August 2019

Rustenburg – The gruesome discovery of the discarded remains of 25 dogs and a cat at an open field in Donkerhoek has sparked an outrage in the community of Rustenburg. 

The animals were allegedly euthanised by the same veterinarian and the community want the person responsible for illegally dumping the animals brought to justice.

While euthanising an animal suffering from cancer and other serious diseases is legal under South African law, licenced vets  (who usually carry out these procedures) must legally either cremate or bury the animals.

Some of the animals that were found dumped. 

Many people have been venting out their anger on social media platforms since the carcasses were discovered on Sunday 4 August. 

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) is also convinced that those who disposed of the animals broke the law and have a serious case to answer to. 

Maartin Coetzee, the manager of SPCA in Rustenburg confirmed to Platinum Weekly that a complaint was lodged over the incident on the same day the carcasses were discovered.  
He said at least six people had since identified some of the carcasses at a pet mortuary where they are kept. 

“Lethal vaccines are used for euthanising animals. If the carcasses are not cremated or buried, this poison will seep into the ground and possibly cause serious diseases or infect other animals,” Maartin said. 

“The carcasses were all found in an open space, so we are very concerned. An investigation is underway,” he said.  

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