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02 August 2019

Welcome back to our series of articles about Impala Rustenburg where we showcase how Impala Platinum contributes. 

Our people – everyday – make a difference. Over the next few weeks we will touch on Impala Rustenburg’s employee value proposition (EVP). 

The relationship between Impala Rustenburg and its employees is a two-way road. An EVP is the unique set of attributes employees see as the value they gain from being part of Impala Rustenburg – in return for their time, skills and experience. An EVP is important to a company such as Impala.

Our business is about our people. The way we treat, develop, grow and demand accountability from our people at all levels is at the heart of our culture. This is what makes us different. This is what makes us proud to be Impala. 

Our employees are most valuable to us and we value their diversity, skill and passion and encourage people who believe in the same ideals as Impala Rustenburg. We demonstrate respect by accepting each other’s unique qualities and taking every opportunity to grow the people around us.

The Impala EVP aligns our employees’ personal goals and aspirations with the objectives and deliverables of our business. We are committed to developing a diverse and skilled workforce. We value employees who embrace a challenging environment and thrive in a culture of innovation. We strive to operate in line with best practice in all spheres of our business.

In return for the skills, capabilities and experience our employees bring to our business, we offer a unique EVP and a great place to work. The focus is on setting our people up for success and we reward valuable contributions and performance with appropriate remuneration. 

Broadly, we can divide our employee value proposition into five parts – which each deal with different elements of our work experience: culture is at the centre of our EVP, supported by rewards, benefits, leadership and work life. 

Rewards relates to the benefits of being employed by Impala Platinum, such as competitive compensation, bonuses and incentives.

Benefits relates to health and retirement benefits, as well as leave benefits, which include annual leave, sick leave, maternity leave and family responsibility leave. Implats also offer industry leading housing benefits.  

Leadership refers to the direction offered by our leaders, our values of respect care, and delivery, as well as our individual performance and feedback.

Work life relates to how the workplace and our lives intersect – the work-life balance. For an employee this would include development – encompassing skills, career and educational development, as well as the organisation’s stability and sustainability. 

Impala Rustenburg offers competitive, market-related renumeration structures and attractive short-term incentives or production bonuses. As a responsible employer it also offers equitable benefits, such as retirement funding, medical funding, above-average leave benefits, funeral schemes, and incapacitation policies among others.

Impala Rustenburg contributes towards employees’ medical funding based on the choices made by the individual and employees are required to become a member of the Impala Workers Provident Fund.

Impala Rustenburg’s annual leave policy offers leave days in excess of what the Basic Conditions of Employment Act stipulates. Also included in the leave policy is sick leave, study leave, family responsibility leave, maternity leave, parental leave and accident leave.

Implats together with its Impala Rustenburg operation, has also set an objective to have half of its employees living with their families in well-built, spacious and community-focused accommodation by 2020. We are proud to have been commended by the Department of Mineral Resources for our progressive stance and leading example in improving the accommodation and living conditions of our employees. Over the last 10 years we have invested heavily in improving our employees’ living conditions. 

Through our ground-breaking approach, we have enabled thousands of our employees to become first-time homeowners. Our homeownership programme kicked off in 2007 and is the cornerstone of the group’s strategy around community development. It encourages the principle of ownership and engenders a sense of belonging on the part of people who live in these developments.

Our focus is also on continuous improvement – of our operations and our people. As such we offer learning and development, including Adult Basic Education Training (ABET), learnerships, financial literacy skills and courses, learnerships, and bursaries. Individual development is also a priority and career paths exist for promotion.

The various training and development initiatives include competency training in various fields, team mobilisation, school programmes, university open days and hands-on involvement in technical schools. We offer full-time and part-time ABET in functional literacy and numeracy to our employees who would want to further themselves to be considered for promotions. 

Impala Rustenburg is committed to safeguarding the health and safety of all employees and is striving to achieve zero harm across all its operations. In the tragic event that one of our employees or a contractor passes away as a result of a fatal incident at work, we recognise the severe impact this has on the deceased’s family as well as on the company. 

Through the Implats’ We Care programme, the Implats Group provides ongoing moral and financial support to 309 children from the immediate family members of deceased employees and contractors. This support is in addition to the benefits provided, through company funding, by the Rand Mutual Assurance and the Provident or Pension Funds. 

Our support to the families through our We Care programme includes:


  • Providing the children of deceased employees with financial support from birth to grade 12, and including tertiary studies
  • Providing children of deceased employees with school necessities, including school fees, learning material, school uniforms, board and lodging fees and funds for educational trips and sporting and recreational activities up to the end of grade 12.
  • Providing mentoring and guidance to grade 12 children for tertiary studies including informing the family members about careers available at Implats, learnerships and bursaries and where applicable, to identify and assist the family members with possible with employment opportunities within the company.
  • Children of deceased employees qualify for Implats’ full bursary benefits provided they meet the criteria for their chosen field of study and are able to provide proof of acceptance to a tertiary institution. The programme includes diplomas, degrees including honours and masters, learnerships and certificates.
  • A grant per year per child until the age of 18 years.

At Impala we realise there is more to employee satisfaction than just a salary and benefits. It is about the people and culture and how we engage. We are proud of our teams, made up of dedicated employees who possess the willingness to learn and who take pride in the quality of their work. It is these attitudes that create a culture of excellence. 

You will hear more about how Impala Platinum makes a difference in future articles and on our weekly drive-time slot at 18:10 every Friday on Radio Mafisa FM 93.4.

Look out for further updates in forthcoming Rustenburg publications and remember to tune in to Radio Mafisa FM 93.4 on Fridays at 18.10pm to find out how Impala Platinum truly does make a difference.

“Our employees are most valuable to us and we value their diversity, skill and passion and encourage people who believe in the same ideals as Impala Rustenburg.”
“Our business is about our people. The way we treat, develop, grow and demand accountability from our people at all levels is at the heart of our culture. This is what makes us different. This is what makes us proud to be Impala.”  


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