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26 July 2019

Swartruggens – Pastor Venessa Janse van Rensburg is deeply inspired to better the lives of abused women and children.

Through the efforts of a company based in Holland, called SHIB, they will build a centre in Swartruggens – the Christ Crisis Centre. The centre will be a safe haven for abused and neglected kids and women. Counselling, food and shelter will be provided to the victims that takes refuge at the centre. 

Venessa describes this centre as a safety net that catches abused individuals and give them a place to live while they start the healing process, both physically and emotionally.

“I believe the Lord put me here to help guide people,” Venessa said in an interview with Platinum Weekly.

SHIB volunteers will arrive in South Africa on 2 August to pave the way forward. 

“We heavily rely on donations. If you can assist in any way – we would be most grateful,” said Venessa. 

For more information contact pastor Venessa on 071 841 4656.

Laying the foundation for the new Christ Crisis Centre.


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