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12 July 2019

Old age and disability grant recipients are urged to apply for South African Social Security Agency’s (SASSA’s) Grant-in-Aid.  

It has come to the attention of SASSA that most frail beneficiaries, due to age or persons living with disabilities, require twenty-four-hour care but are not receiving the SASSA Grant-in-Aid – and could qualify for it.

Beneficiaries who wish to apply for the Grant-in-Aid grant should be in receipt of an older age grant or disability grant and require full-time attendance by another person owing to his or her physical or mental disability. The applicant should also not be cared for in an institution that receives subsidies from the government.

“This is an additional grant of R420, which if the application is successful, the beneficiary will receive on top of the grant already received. It is meant to assist beneficiaries with additional needs for his or her daily care,” said SASSA regional executive manager Zodwa Mvulane.  

However, applicants should be aware that they will be assessed by SASSA contracted doctors in order to ascertain that he or she needs constant care. 

Applications for this grant can be done at your nearest SASSA office. If an applicant is unable to visit the office, a home visit request can be arranged.  

SASSA press release: 8 July 2019 

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