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05 July 2019

Rustenburg – It was a sharp event at Waterfall Mall during the Rustenburg Knife Show from Friday 28 June until Sunday 30 June.

Bladesmiths throughout South Africa had the opportunity to showcase their hard work and blade enthusiasts admired the great craftsmanship.

There was no shortage of products to choose from with a variety of knives, swords, biltong cutters and axes as well as smoking pipes. All these items were one of a kind items, handmade with meticulous detail.

In an interview with Platinum Weekly, organiser Dawid Fourie said: “This was our first of many shows.

We were pleasantly surprised by the interest from the public.

These knifemakers pour their hearts and souls into the items that they make, and it was inspiring to see so many people appreciating their skills.”

For more information contact Dawid on 082 556 1648 or Dawie Els on 082 822 1899.

Local bladesmith Stephan Fourie showcasing one of his handmade knives.
Dawie Els, local bladesmith with one of his custom designs.
Eric Brugger bladesmith at EHB Swordcanes and Knifes made this amazing sword-cane.
Bladesmith Frik Kruger chatting with another knife enthusiast.
Amazing knifes made by André Schoeman.


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