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21 June 2019

Rustenburg – In November 2018, Rebaone Rabyang from Rustenburg endured a terrible experience.
She was belittled and ridiculed on social media and made fun of in a vicious video that spread through social media like a disease, reflecting one of the darkest parts of the human condition. 

After the ‘likes and ‘re-tweets’ – finally, the social outrage had died down. 

Rebaone, like so many victims, was left with an immense feeling of shame about something that was done to her rather than something that she did. The contents of the video, and the cruelty it depicted, caused untold trauma to Rebaone. It also brought tears to the eyes of hardened law enforcement officers, who “have seen it all” during their careers. 

Touched by the trauma and humiliation the young woman had experienced, Susan Moolman and other women from the Vryburgers Charity Organisation, the Rustenburg Rotary Club, the Department of Social Development, and the Rustenburg Police, put their heads together and decided to help Rebaone to put her life back on track. 

After receiving trauma counselling at the Phokeng Trauma Centre, Rebaone decided to take action and seize control. She met with Dr. Allan Vissier who arranged a renowned surgeon for reconstructive plastic surgery at no expense to Rebaone.

The now 20-year old Rebaone has put this horrible experience behind her and thanks to the goodwill of others and her own strong spirit, she can now afford to smile once more. 

With a wide, beaming smile on her face, Rebaone expressed gratitude to everyone who assisted her to cope with the distressing experience and to undergo the operation.

“I am happy because I am getting better each day. I would also like to thank everyone who assisted me – especially Susan,” Rebaone told Platinum Weekly.   

“My ambition is to become a social worker one day, that I can also make a positive impact on the lives of people facing situations such as the one I experienced,” she added. 

As a token of her appreciation, Rebaone presented Rustenburg Rotary Club president George Zozo with a gift. 

Police spokesperson colonel Adele Myburgh confirmed that the two people responsible for posting the offensive video on social media are being tried in court for charges related to indecent assault.  

They will have to face the music and live with the consequences of their actions long after the hashtags have faded.   

From left: Doctor Allan Vissier, Susan Moolman, Rebaone Rabyang and George Zozo. 


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