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21 June 2019

Lonmin has launched a new programme and a permanent help-desk that aims to assist its employees to become home owners. To date, 589 applications have been received for processing.

“At last year’s Marikana memorial service we announced our commitment to improving the quality of life of our employees through the facilitation of housing solutions informed by the needs of our employees,”

said Lonmin CEO Ben Magara. “The launch of the Lonmin facilitated employee home ownership programme is the next phase towards further realising this commitment.” 

Earlier this year, Lonmin launched a housing helpdesk which serves as a hub for employees to receive information about the programme. Here they can receive guidance on the various kinds of home ownership they can apply for, the documentation needed to apply, the processes to follow as well as housing categories and price ranges available to employees.

Once an employee has all the required documentation, they will go through the application process which includes a credit check. In the case of a negative credit report, the employee will be assisted with credit rehabilitation services.

In the case of a positive credit report, the employee will go to the next phase of the process where they will go through an affordability assessment and ultimately choose the home ownership option most suitable to them, all of this at the same housing helpdesk.

With R500 million already invested in modern employee housing at the end of last year, Lonmin aims to further add to this amount to ensure that their employees not only work but also live safely in the areas the company operates in, further cementing their commitment to addressing social issues in the greater Lonmin community. 

Contact for more information about the programme.

Extracts of Lonmin May press release. 

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