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07 June 2019

Rustenburg – Paulina Mpooa is the driving force behind Lesang Bana Ba-tle Honna in Freedom Park. Back in 2016 when Paulina saw children playing on an illegal dumping site, she decided it was time for change. She borrowed gardening equipment from a neighbour and started cleaning the area.

Once the area was clean, she had the dream to create a place where children can play freely. After approaching various companies for their assistance, NJR Steel heard her plea and donated palisades to close off the area. Once the area was secured, Phillip’s Motors donated swings for the children to play on.

Children came in masses and had to stand in line for the chance to play on the swings. The lines only grew longer, and another item had to be added to the ‘play area’. Once again various companies and individuals jumped in to assist.

Paulina decided that she did not only want a place where children could play but also learn. The playground turned into a school ground with a classroom, shade, jungle gyms, toys and even portable toilets.

The school was registered as a non-profit organisation with the assistance of members of the community. Paulina would like to thank the following people and companies for their assistance to make her dream for the children of the community come true.


  • NJR Steel
  • Phillip’s Motors
  • Susan Winters
  • Vossie’s Gearbox
  • Wysneusie Kleuterskool
  • Patrick Magano
  • Khwebo
  • Awethu Scaffholding
  • Coastal Toolhire
  • Medilab
  • Rustenburg Sand en Klip
  • Renata

They now have a company that is willing to donate groceries, but unfortunately, they don’t have a place to store or cook the food.

The school desperately needs a new structure for this. For more information contact Paulina on 071 294 0823.

From illegal dumping site to fun playground.
The playground that was built with the donations they received.
The structure that now serves as classroom.
The illegal dumping site where children used to play.


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