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30 November 2018

Rustenburg – Tebogo Chidi made history when she became the first local female South African Police Services (SAPS) member to join their acclaimed Airwing Unit.

Ever since she joined the ranks of the SAPS in 2008, it was her dream to work for the Airwing Unit. Her current assignment requires her to be an extra eye for the pilot, combat crime through air response, photography, videography, anti-narcotic operations, monitoring of public gatherings, search and rescue, and vehicle tracking. She is not intimidated by this historically male-dominated career and has her sights set on becoming an Airwing Unit pilot.

To achieve this, she needs to obtain a private pilot’s licence and a commercial pilot’s licence. We wish Tebogo all the best for her future with the Airwing Unit and her dream of becoming a pilot.

The SAPS Air Wing provides air support for crime-related matters to police stations, other units and specialised forces. The SAPS currently has 49 aircrafts, which include 37 helicopters and 12 fixed wing aeroplanes.

The 37 helicopters include 13 BO105 Helicopters, which have been removed from service, due to aging and serviceability constraints. By the end of March 2018, there were 50 pilots in the SAPS, including 33 helicopter pilots, 10 fixed-wing pilots and seven dual-rated pilots, who were flying both helicopters and fixed-wing aeroplanes.

 Tebogo Chidi, first locally based female in North West to join the airborne law enforcement unit. 
Thebogo’s new means of transport in case of an emergency!


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