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02 November 2018

Hartbeespoort – Ubuntu Pre-School invites you to join them on 7 November for a cup of tea and muffins at the Body of Christ Church in Simon Bekker Road, Kosmos, Orange Farm. 

Many children in the Orange Farm area were left to themselves during the day as there were no pre-schools in the area. The children had very limited access to learning and were not on par with learners graduating from pre-school to Grade R.

A new era was entered when Ubuntu Pre-School opened its doors to the local kids in 2015. 
For the past three years Ubuntu Pre-School has provided affordable education in a friendly and safe atmosphere for these children. They teach English, learn colours, the alphabet, numbers, basic phonetics and much more. 

Ubuntu Pre-School is a Christian pre-school, that strives to create a happy and safe environment where learners can learn and play. The children are also provided with breakfast, morning tea and sandwiches.   

In 2015, two learners graduated to Grade R, three children in 2016, five in 2017 and once again five more children will graduate this year.

The students are eager to show everyone all the wonderful things that they have learned and want to share their stories with you.

Parents that are interested can also visit the school on 24 November for the official open day.
For more information, contact principal at Ubuntu Pre-School Pumla Gwilikana on 079 258 4394 or volunteer at Ubutu Pre-School Francoise Slater on 071 030 8612. 

The students from Ubuntu Pre-School washing their hands before lunch. 
Lunchtime at Ubuntu Pre-School.


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