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19 October 2018

North West – As part of intensifying the fight against property related crimes, particularly theft of livestock, the police’s stock theft units in the province arrested a total of 42 suspects between June and September this year.

“The suspects were arrested throughout the province during various operations. Livestock valued at over R1 million was recovered: 92 cattle, 12 calves, 82 goats, 25 sheep and two horses,” said police spokesperson brigadier Sabata Mokgabone.

The police also issued fines to livestock owners and farmers for the contravention of Animal Identification Act, 2002 (Act No. 6 of 2002) and Stock Theft Act, 1959 (Act No. 57 of 1959). 

The North West provincial commissioner, lieutenant general Baile Motswenyane praised stock theft unit members for their efforts that led to the recoveries and apprehension of the suspects.

As part of preventative measures, the police would like to urge livestock owners and farmers to take extra care of their livestock and advised the following: Owners must ensure that their livestock is correctly brand marked, fences should be checked and maintained on a regular basis, appoint a trained worker to patrol the fences and property daily, always lock up loading ramps in camps or places on the farm where there is no direct supervision, or see to it that they are out of sight. 

Ensure that stolen stock cannot be hidden on your farm or if you notice strange animals or suspicious people at a cattle post, report it immediately. Personally count your stock at least once a week. 


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