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19 October 2018

Rustenburg – Criminals beware… Rufus is on the case!
When it comes to detecting and finding the next clue, there are few that can compare to Rufus, the body fluid detection dog. 

Rufus and sergeant Dan Marakala forms part of the Phokeng K9 unit. They are one of three biological body fluid detection units in the North West, and thanks to Rufus’s special nose, they help fight crime by smelling things that no ordinary nose could.

They attend to crime scenes throughout North West where their services are needed.  
Rufus can detect the scent of body fluid for up to three years – even after the area has been cleaned.

Rufus specialises in sniffing out any body fluids that might be left on the scene. Once Rufus has detected body fluids, specialists gather the forensic evidence and samples to identify any suspects or assist in missing person cases. 

Sergeant Dan Marakala has been part of the K9 unit for 11 years and has been working with Rufus for four years. They train twice a week and together they make a great team. 

In an interview with the Platinum Weekly Dan said: “Rufus is my best friend and my partner in crime… fighting!” Sergeant Marakala also encourages the public to insist on calling in the biological body fluid detection unit if you suspect that a crime has taken place and body fluid might be present. 

Sergeant Dan Marakala with his trusty partner Rufus.
Rufus, the body fluid detection dog.


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