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19 October 2018

Rustenburg – Working in association with Glencore Mine, the instructors of the Tokon Shotokan Karate Ken and Ju-Jitsu International Federation teamed up with great success to assist in the self-defence training of 300 female employees at Glencore. 

Chief instructor shihan Albert Venter along with sensei Lobke Riley worked diligently in teaching the women about close quarters combat and other effective survival fighting tactics in order to defend themselves from attackers.

Attention was given to rape scenarios and hand-to-hand knife fighting. Tapping into their experience in military training and that of the martial arts world, shihan Albert and sensei Lobke declared their dedication toward the safety of women, arming them with the knowledge to fight back. 

For more information on self-defence seminars and classes, contact Traditional Styles Known Knowledge in Action (TSKKIA) at 082 463 1073 or visit their web page at 

Group one of the 300 women trained by shihan Albert Venter and sensei Lobke Riley, now able to defend against any attack.  


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