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05 October 2018

Rustenburg – An awe-inspiring pride of lions of Akwaaba Lodge and Predator Park was poisoned in the early hours of Tuesday 2 October.

The lions; Mufasa, Simba, Spook and two lionesses were not only a great tourist attraction, they were a magnificent sight to behold for anyone fortunate enough to have seen and experienced these magnificent creatures up-close.

The assailants were interrupted by the security guards on duty. By then they already mutilated Mufasa’s corpse by cutting off his head and paws. It is believed that these body parts would be used in traditional remedies or spells.

The team at Akwaaba Lodge is devastated by this gruesome act. To them the lions were not just animals, they were more like their children. Regrettably, lion poaching is on the increase and the shocking statistics of this cruel practice often goes unnoticed and cases unsolved.

Akwaaba is offering a reward of R100,000 and Special FX and Events is offering an additional R10,000 for any information that might lead to the arrest and successful sentencing of the suspects in this crime. 

No arrests have been made and a case of poaching is being investigated. 
If you have any information regarding this despicable attack, please contact Akwaaba Lodge on 071 731 7103.

Photo from a 2015 Platinum Weekly archive: Brandon McHugh who, at the time, was a volunteer from Toronto, Canada played with the then 18-month-old Apollo.
The owner of Akwaaba Lodge and Predator Park, Nazeer Cajee with one of the lions.
One of the poisoned lions.


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