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28 September 2018

Rustenburg - Members of the Rustenburg Cycling Club (RCC) participated in the Malibalingwe Mountain Bike Race on Saturday 15 September.

This race is the fifth in a series of races for the Nissan Trial Seeker, one of the most well-known and long-standing mountain bike races in the country.

Members from RCC had their work cut out for them as it was one of this year’s toughest races. 
Willie van Eck, John-William Lang and Sean Wagner competed in the 40km while Sheldon Kukard, Johnny Lang, Anthony Kukard and MC Dippenaar contended in the 70km.

Once again RCC did not disappoint and claimed several podium positions. In the 40km Willie van Eck took second place; John-William Lang came sixth overall, first in his age category and still hanging on at the overall first place in the Nissan Trail Seeker series.

From left: MC Dippenaar and Anthony Kukard.
From left: Sean Wagner and John-William Lang.
From left: Sheldon Kukard and Johnny Lang.


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