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21 September 2018

Brits – Criminals are upping their game and tactics in defrauding unsuspecting companies dealing with the supply of valuable goods.

Explaining the new method, captain Sam Tselanyane said the latest modus operandi used by criminals, involve the placing of orders for goods using names of well-known companies all over the country. The criminals would then dispatch their delivery truck to fetch the goods and the rest would be history.

However, police managed to arrest a 26-year old Zimbabwean national who was driving a red Volvo double trailer truck. The suspect arrived at a company in the Brits Industrial area and produced a false order under the name of a Randburg-based company. 

“Police were informed and members from Brits Trio Task Team and Crime Combatting Unit attended the scene.  Upon arrival at the scene, the truck was found still loading the goods, IBR galvanised sheets.  The driver was arrested and the truck impounded.

Captain Tselanyane said the suspect attempted to defraud the company using a falsified order for goods to the estimated value of R250 000.00. 

“Further investigation revealed that the same modus operandi was allegedly used to defraud a company in Rosslyn of roof plates to the value of R1.7 million and a case was registered in Akasia recently.  Investigation into the matter is underway including determining linkages between the two cases,” Capt Tselanyane said.

Police were just on time to arrest and impound this truck used in a scheme to defraud companies supplying valuable goods.


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