Headline News
03 August 2018

Rustenburg/ Zinniaville – The sheriff of the court demolished 26 shacks in Zinniaville following a court order obtained by the municipality to evict illegal squatters on Tuesday 31 July.

When Platinum Weekly visited the area, some of the shack owners were busy removing their belongings and dismantling some of the structures.

In an interview, one of the shack owners admitted that they had been informed that they had occupied the land illegally, and that they must vacate the area. 

Some of the shack dwellers said they would be returning to the backyard room they had been renting whilst others said they would have to go look for another place to erect their shacks. Some were unsure about their next move. 

A woman dismantling her shack following a court order from the sheriff of the court to evict all the squatters who invaded a piece of land in a section of Karlienpark in Zinniaville.


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