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20 July 2018

Rustenburg/ Potchefstroom – Four-year old Ruben Bamberger suffers from cancer. He is a high-risk leukemia warrior from Potchefstroom.

This young boy is fighting a giant, but he is not alone. His family fiercely supports Ruben in any way they can. For Ruben’s birthday, his family with the support of the Rustenburg Flying Club, made his dream of flying come true. 

On 20 June, day 117 after he was diagnosed, Ruben celebrated his fourth birthday in the clouds! This dream was made possible by Manual Magro, Rudo Engelbrecht and Michelle Smit of the Rustenburg Flying Club. 

Ruben was diagnosed in March this year with B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. He started his chemo programme and after a month of treatment, his parents were told that Ruben needed to change to a high-risk chemo plan.

Their struggle continues. If you want to read more about Ruben’s progress, follow him on facebook: The Spekboom Project for Brave Little Warriors on Facebook.

Minutes away from take-off! 
Moments in the sky etched into Ruben’s memory forever. 


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