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06 July 2018

Rustenburg – On Wednesday 4 July, two suspects who allegedly hijacked and killed the owner of a Hyundai vehicle in Katlehong in the East Rand, fled in the direction of Rustenburg…

All the while a chopper and an Altech Netstar bakkie were hot in pursuit. According to captain Elsabé Augoustides of the South African Police Service (SAPS), the suspects allegedly removed the car’s tracking unit, unaware that the vehicle had a second unit fitted. They then hit the road heading to the North West.

“Altech Netstar managed to pick up the signal from the remaining tracking device and started searching for the vehicle. They followed the signal and gave chase,” captain Augoustides said. “The two suspects almost alluded the forces of justice when they disappeared for a while, but the chopper managed to locate the vehicle as it meandered down the busy roads of Rustenburg.”  
The hot pursuit once again ensued. 

The suspects were apprehended at Kloof Centre and arrested on the spot. Soon a crowd of curious onlookers gathered around. The choppy sounds of the helicopter’s rotor blades added to the atmosphere. Onlookers snapped away, capturing the action with their cell phones.

Great teamwork between all parties involved resulted in the capture of the two assailants, who were cuffed in plain sight of everyone. 

“The suspects were found in possession of equipment used in the jamming of immobilisers, overriding devices as well as screwdrivers among other things,” captain Augoustides said.


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