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29 June 2018

RustenburgPlatinum Weekly teamed up with veterinarian Dr Roselle Hartwigsen on 20 June to get some tips for pet lovers on the do’s and don’ts when giving snacks to their four-legged children. 

Dr Hartwigsen, who is based at the Bergbos Animal Clinic, said: “Under no circumstances should you ever give your dog lamb-chop bones or chicken bones.” Dr Hartwigsen further warned that chicken bones break into splinters that can pierce the intestines of the animal. 

She said dogs can be given big T-bones to chew. “Natural products from our homes such as apples (with the pips removed) can be given to dogs in small quantities.  You can give your dog uncooked soup bones as opposed to cooked bones. You can also buy dog food from your local pet food store,” Dr Hartwigsen said.

For more information contact Bergbos Animal Clinic, situated in Bergbos avenue, Protea Park, 014 533 1959. For emergencies contact: 083-653 1081. 

Tyrone Marais, owner of Tyson (boerboel) and Duchess (staffy).


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