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08 June 2018

Trade union Solidarity on Tuesday, 5 June, launched a comprehensive campaign to counter US steel tariffs. Solidarity also announced that 7,500 jobs in South Africa could be affected by it.

Local manufacturers affected by the new tariffs include ArcelorMittal, South 32, Hulamin, Duferco, Cisco and Columbus Stainless.

One of the steps Solidarity will take is to take the voice of steelworkers and the public to the US by filing a petition on the White House website. The petition has already been registered on the White House website.

This petition platform is an instrument the US uses to identify key issues of common interest and to get those on the agenda.

Solidarity wants to mobilise all South African workers to support their fellow countrymen working in the steel industry by signing the petition. The petition is addressed to President Trump and requests him to reconsider the tariffs on steel imports from South Africa.

This petition can be signed until 27 June 2018.
According to Solidarity deputy general secretary Marius Croucamp, 100,000 signatures are needed for the White House to pay attention to a petition. It is thus in the entire country’s interest to support the campaign to keep this important cog in the South African economy going.

“Although South African steel exports to the US only constitute around 2% of total US steel imports, those tariffs will have a significant impact on the South African steel industry with 7,500 steel workers who stand to lose their jobs as a result of the imposition of the tariffs,” Croucamp said.

Go to to find out how to sign the petition.
Extracts of Solidarity press release: 5 June 2018


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