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01 June 2018

Rustenburg – Students of the Tokon Shotokan Karate Ken @ IAI Jutsu in Rustenburg represented the club at the Polokwane provincials on Saturday, 12 May and performed incredibly well.

The performance of the students affirmed the status of the Rustenburg Tokon Shotokan Karate club, a feat yet to be achieved by many!

For more information on this and other competitions please contact TSKKIA at 082-463 1073 or email

SOME OF THE STUDENTS THAT TOOK PART… Sensei Barny Venter, sensei Pieter Venter, senpai Nivenka Stanton, sensei Celeste Green, sensei Anastasia Jackel, Graham Roberts, AJ Meuter, Hanru Beyl and a very proud shihan Albert Venter who couldn’t hide his excitement!


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