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25 May 2018

Koster – A rampaging group of protesters looted and burnt two houses, including a guest house belonging to the local mayor, councillor Kim Medupe, in a trail of destruction in the North West town of Koster on Wednesday morning, 23 May.

They proceeded to burn five more cars causing damage that runs into millions of Rands. When asked what could have sparked such violent protest, police spokesperson sergeant Ofentse Mokgadi told the Platinum Weekly it was unclear why the protesters were so disgruntled.

“We are only made to understand that this was about service delivery. They burnt everything to ashes,” Mokgadi said.

The violent protest started as early as 3am until police calmed the situation around midday.

“No arrests have been made so far but they are imminent,” Mokgadi said. He said the mayor was safe but “obviously we cannot disclose his whereabouts”.

The violent protests in Koster are one of many that have placed the North West Province under a spotlight.

The Kgetleng Rivier local municipality condemned the destruction in a press release. 

An aerial view of the local mayor, councillor Kim Medupe’s guest house, burnt to the ground.
What started as a looting in Koster, protestors soon took to the streets.
Smoke and flames! A common occurrence in the North West province.



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