Headline News
16 February 2018

Rustenburg – Day zero is fast approaching for the residents of Cape Town. Even though the community of Rustenburg has seen the darker side of life in the past few months, we are still able to open our hearts to those in need.

Rolyn Engineering and Water 2 Go have launched a project to collect water for the drought-stricken Cape Town.

Rolyn Engineering will sponsor a truck from Mouton Transport to transport the water from Rustenburg to Cape Town. There will be a drop-off point at the Wolraad Woltemade Primary school in Bothasig and the second at Thornton Primary school in Thornton/Goodwood area. Rolyn aims to collect water in 5 litre bottles; the maximum load a 36-ton truck can carry is 6048 bottles. At the last count there were 2001 bottles ready for transport.

“We are extremely excited to see the response we have been getting from the community. Every litre will make a huge difference to Capetonians at this dire time. We still must collect 4047 5 litre bottles. I have faith and believe our community will once again come together to make a difference in the lives of a community so far from us,” said Mandi Zeelie, of the Rolyn Engineering water project in an interview with the Platinum Weekly newspaper on 15 February.

In the photo, from left: Danielle Ewald and Mandi Zeelie, part of the Rolyn water project team.


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