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07 February 2018

Trade union Solidarity on 1 February launched its interactive youth website aimed at every matric, student and young person who are new to the world of work and are thus on the eve of a new phase of their lives.

According to Solidarity marketing manager Marisa Engelbrecht, Solidarity Youth was established to be there for young people in this phase of their lives, supporting them by making knowledge and information available to them free of charge. “Young people’s success in the workplace is Solidarity Youth’s first priority,” Engelbrecht says.

This platform is packed with all forms of help and information, including study tips to assist in one’s studies and tips for when it comes to one’s first job. It also offers information on job opportunities, all of which will empower young people to realise their career dreams and to make themselves indispensable.

According to Engelbrecht, Solidarity Youth offers a home for young people, a place where they can dream the future true and which gives them access to career support, funding for studies, internships and many other resources. “If you are about to take the next step in your life, create your profile on this platform and make Solidarity Youth your ally. It comes at no cost and by doing so you can ensure you put yourself on the right track towards excellence,” Engelbrecht says.

How can young people access these benefits that are absolutely free?

  • Go to and complete the short questionnaire.
  • Solidarity will send them unique login details by e-mail.
  • They can then sign in, set up a profile and will have access to a budget template, a CV builder, our newsletter and many interesting articles, videos and links as well as lots of useful information.

For more information go to 
Solidarity press release: 1 February

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