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01 February 2018

Rustenburg – The serene area around ‘Little Margate’ is being destroyed by people who carelessly dispose of their dead animals, garden rubbish and building rubble. This is becoming a reason of great concern for residents who live in the area.

In the area, Cashan, a troop of baboons are often spotted, and this leads residents to believe that these animals are in danger either from poisoning, disease or injuries. One such resident contacted the Platinum Weekly newspaper on Wednesday, 31 January, raising concern. 

Ruthless residents who dump their dead animals (we presume some died due to the trend of poisoning) are endangering the wildlife of the Krokodilrivierlaan area. Predatory birds that might pick at the carcasses of the unburied animals may die due to poisoning. This trend is threatening the wildlife in the area as well as causing a health risk to residents and their animals in the area. 

In terms of dumping, local smaller contractors are the biggest culprits as they carelessly dump rubble at Little Margate. 

In an interview with the Platinum Weekly newspaper a concerned citizen said: “Instead of dumping your animals and rubbish here, please make use of the municipal dumping site. This decreases the risk of health issues and will also help the environment. Let’s keep Little Margate clean, not just for local residents, but for every person who comes here to enjoy the scenery.”    

An absolute eyesore at ‘Little Margate’, uncaring contractors dump rubble.


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