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01 February 2018
Grenville Highschool thanks the following educators who accompanied the grade 8 learners to the grade 8 camp at Sediba Kwele between 25 - 26 January. Front from left: Ms A Muller, Ms O Odendaal, and Ms A. Nieuwenhuis. Back from left:  Mr T. Rantai (grade tutor), Ms V. Cilliers, Ms R. Rabe, Ms N. Koekemoer and Mr E. Mcwabeni.


From left: Ms M. Human and Ontiretse Gibbs. Ontiretse took part in the television show ‘Op die spel’ on KykNET on 28 Sept 2017.
He and four other learners took part in the first additional language category. Ontiretse ended in fourth place. The episode aired on 24 January. 


The grade 8 learners of Grenville at the camp at Sediba Kwele.


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