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13 December 2017

Rustenburg/ Koster – During the early hours of Tuesday morning, 12 December, people travelling on the N4 near Koster had to pull over on to the side of the road as their vehicle had run out of fuel. A short while later, a vehicle carrying three unknown suspects, pulled up to the stranded people, ambushed them and demanded cash and cell phones.

During this incident, a highway patrol vehicle noticed the commotion and pulled over to see what was going on.

A shootout between the suspects and members of the highway patrol ensued. The suspects fled into the veld leaving their vehicle behind, with the stolen cell phones inside the vehicle.

Members of the highway patrol cannot say with any certainty that any of the suspects had been wounded during the shootout, but request the public to be on the lookout for any possibly wounded strangers who might be hiding in the Shylock, Vlaklaagte or Kraalhoek area – and report it at the nearest Police station.

“We ask that the public be conscious of the dangers of travelling at night and pulling over in dark unlit areas. Be aware of your surroundings and ensure your vehicle is roadworthy and has sufficient fuel to get you to your destination,” says captain Elsabé Augoustides, police spokesperson.

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