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08 December 2017

Rustenburg – As the school year has come to an end, learners’ host celebratory parties. Liquor is never in short supply as the youngsters are often left unsupervised.

Tavern owners are urged not to allow learners or under-aged children to visit their establishments or allow them onto the premises. During these parties, alcohol consumption is sometimes extremely high and leads to anti-social behaviour and crime. Under-age drinking leads to learners becoming victims or perpetrators of crimes such as assault and rape.

As part of the School Safety Programme, the police invite community policing forums and the Department of Education to join hands in an effort to curb criminal acts amongst learners.

“The police will not hesitate to take drastic steps including imposing fines on any liquor outlet operator who sells and supplies liquor to under-aged children or people who are already intoxicated,” sergeant Kelebogile Moleko, police spokesperson said.

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