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08 December 2017

Rustenburg – The Rustenburg Cylcing Club (RCC) held its annual year end ceremony on Friday, 1 December, at a jampacked hall of enthusiastic and energetic cyclists. Tounge in cheek, the theme of the evening was vintage! 

Rustenburg’s very own Louis Meintjes, who finished eighth and tenth respectively in the last two races of the Tour de France, graced the event with his presence. A Q&A session was held to get some in depth knowledge of how one of the world’s best athletes lead his life. 

Once a year the club acknowledges its members, committee members and cyclists who participate in some of the most extreme and challenging races with prestigious awards.

Meintjes handed trophies to the following RCC members; war horse (Hennie Fourie), inspirational trophy (Johan Oelofse), best junior girl MTB (Ilana Nieman), best junior girl road (Ilana Nieman), best junior boy (MTB) Willie van Eck, best junior boy road (John William Lang), best female MTB (Tracey Andrews), best male MTB (Floris Engelbrecht), best female road (Eileen O’Connor), best male road (Michael Stevens), club champion ladies (Elieen O’Connor), and club champion men (Michael Stevens).

“We would like to thank all our loyal and committed sponsors who, year in and year out, continue to dig deep into their wallets and donate much needed funding, advice, services and expertise,” says outgoing chairman of RCC, Christo van Staden. He singled out Leon’s Auto for their generous sponsorships throughout the year. 

The prestigious white jerseys for cyclists who completed the gruelling Telkom 94.7 Cycle Challenge in sub three hours for the first time, were handed to: Eileen O’Connor, Willie van Eck, Alexander Conradie and John William Lang. 

RCC wishes all their members a safe and prosperous new year and look forward to welcoming new members to the club in 2018.

Back from left: Christo van Staden, outgoing chairman of RCC; Ilana Nieman, winner of best junior girl for mountain and road bike; Michael Stevens, winner of best male MTB and club champion men; Gregg Taylor, newly elected chairman of RCC; Eileen O’Connor, winner best female road, club champion ladies and winner of white jersey; Tracey Andrews, winner best female MTB; and Johan Oelofse, winner of the inspirational trophy. Front: Willie van Eck, winner of best junior boy MTB and recipient of white jersey.
Louis Meintjes (right) handing a trophy to Willie van Eck for best junior boy MTB
Outgoing chairman of RCC, Christo van Staden.
From left: Renee McMagh-Taylor, marketing chairman; Eileen O’Connor, who was awarded a trophy for best female road, club champion ladies and here she is receiving her white jersey from Louis Meintjes.
From left: Renee McMagh-Taylor, RCC marketing chairperson; Eileen O’Connor receiving her white jersey; Alexander Conradie receiving his white jersey; Willie van Eck receiving his white jersey; and Louis Meintjes – special guest for the evening.
Best junior girl road and mountain bike, Ilana Nieman with Louis Meintjes.
Best female road and club champion ladies, Eileen O’Connor with Louis Meintjes.
From left: Renee McMagh-Taylor, RCC marketing chairperson; best male road and club champion men, Michael Stevens; and Louis Meintjes.
Stepping out in vintage style!
A 19-voetsek bike... courtesy of Phillip Mostert.  


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