Headline News
01 December 2017

Rustenburg – A mother left her child in her car in the scorching sun, in the outside parking of the Waterfall Mall. The child was left in the car without adult supervision – while mommy went shopping…

Passersby who heard the child crying and screaming alerted security at once. One of the security attendees patiently explained to the child what to do inside the vehicle in order to get the window open, so that they could free the child without damaging the vehicle. 

“The child was freed from the vehicle at about 12h00 midday, the hottest time of the day on Monday, 27 November” Jessica Varty, marketing manager of the Waterfall Mall said in an interview with the Platinum Weekly newspaper.  

“We urge people not to leave their children, elderly, pets or anyone in their vehicles whilst in the mall. The heat over the festive season is no one’s friend and can be very dangerous,” says Varty. 

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