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01 December 2017

Rustenburg – More than 26,000 cyclists from all over South Africa and abroad took to the streets on Sunday, 19 November to cycle a distance of 94km. Roads were closed off to traffic, allowing cyclists to own the city of Johannesburg for a day. 

The race commenced at Riversands Commercial Park in Fourways and took riders past Blue Hills and through the famous Kyalami Grand Prix race track, along the M1 South, over the iconic Nelson Mandela Bridge, past Zoo Lake and the Lion Park, through Steyn City and finally back into the Riversands Commercial Park. 

Dozens of cyclists from the Rustenburg Cycling Club (RCC) participated in this tough event with some outstanding performances achieved. 

Michael Stevens completed the race in 2:28 in the overall 187th position, followed by Floris Engelbrecht 2:30. Juniors from the RCC junior academy had an excellent day with John-William Lang (2:38), Alexander Conradie (2:47), Willie van Eck (2:52) and Leon Sefara (2:59), all finishing the race in sub 3 hours.

Probably the two most notable performances of the day for RCC were Eileen O’Connor (2:58) and Johan van der Merwe (3:55). Eileen became the first female cyclist from RCC to finish the race in sub 3 hours owning her the prestigious “white jersey”, while Johan showed remarkable determination and dedication by improving his previous best time, set in 2016 by more than 1 hour and 20 minutes! 

More than 40 cyclists from Rustenburg Cycling Club completed the race. The results are: 
Michael Stevens 2:28,
Floris Engelbrecht 2:30,
John-William Lang 2:38,
Jon Andrews 2:43,
 Alexander Conradie 2:47,
Petr Miovsky 2:52,
Willie van Eck 2:52,
Johnny Lang 2:56,
Eileen O’Connor 2:58,
Alec Brough 2:58,
Leon Sefara 2:59,
MC Dippenaar 3:01,
Richard Roos 3:06,
Dean Townsend 3:09,  
Dirk Stoltz 3:11,
Vaughan Townsend 3:12,
Gys de Beer 3:15,
Ernst du Toit 3:19,
Don Smith 3:21,
Tracey Andrews 3:21,
Phillip Wetzlar 3:22,
Dirk Huisamen 3:24,
Christo van Staden 3:25,
Karen Lang 3:30,
Gregg Taylor 3:34,
Bettie Smith 3:36,
Christelle de Beer 3:38,
Benita Nienaber 3:51,
Fanie Kooij 3:53,
Chris Gibbon 3:53,
Sone Gibbons 3:59,
Berno Roodt 3:55,
Johan van der Merwe 3:55,
Riaan du Plessis 4:07,
Dirk Holl 4:08,
Leandra du Preez 4:09,
Mike Agathagelou 4:11,
Jason William George 4:18,
Charl Klopper 4:23,
Kitta Bousema 4:24,
Willie Loftus 4:33,
Patric Murunwa 4:46,
Tanya Huisamen 4:52,
Imtaz Bam 5:06, and
Aysha Bam 4:25.

Eileen O’Connor from RCC completed the 94.7 in a sub 3, with an all time best of 2:58.


RCC cyclists, from left: Berno Roodt, Johan vd Merwe, Alta and Vaughan Townsend.


Front from left: Jon Andrews, MC Dippenaar, Johnny Lang, John-William Lang, Phillip Wetzlar and Ernst du Toit. Back from left: Dirk Huisamen, Don Smith, Richard Roos, Christo van Staden, Tracey Andrews, Dean Townsend, Petr Miovsky, Leon Safara and Vaughan Townsend.


From left: Johan van der Merwe (RCC member with a time of 3:55) with Berno Roodt (3:55).


From left: Louis Barnard (RCC member with a time of 3:38) and Gert Kruger (4:18).


Willie van Eck, RCC junior academy cyclist with a time of 2h52.
Anthony Kukard and Ilana Nieman, both RCC members cycling for charity.


RCC member Patric Murunwa, with a time of 4:46.


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