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17 November 2017

Rustenburg – On the nights of 7 and 8 November, tensions ran high as people took to the streets and houses of foreign nationals were torched. The community were desperate to find 14-year old, Gomolemo Haraba, who had gone missing on Friday 3 November. Haraba was found in the company of a 20-year old man on Thursday 9 November. The 20-year old man has appeared before the Rustenburg Magistrates’ court on Monday, 13 November on charges of statutory rape.

This incident has brought the community of Rustenburg’s East End together in prayer. The prayer session was organised by the Rustenburg Local Municipality and was held at Bobbies Rugby Club on 15 November. All races and religions gathered to offer up prayers for the community. Prostitution and drug dealers have become the scourge of the community, ruining lives and families. 

Says Eugene Prinsloo of the Unashamed Bikers Club: “We need to turn the situation around, take back our community, and make it a safer place for all.”

The event was attended by Rustenburg’s executive mayor, councillor Mpho Khunou, who addressed the community and pledged to make a change and eradicate the perpetrators of crime in the community.

Says mayor Khunou: “By working together we can eliminate the bad elements in our community. Be vigilant, report suspicious behaviour. We have the ability to wipe out prostitution, drug dealings and human trafficking. We can protect our children, if we all stand together as we have today in prayer; we have the power to rescue the community from the decline we have noted in the past.”

Concern for the community… from left: MMC Ofentse Kombe; Rustenburg’s executive mayor cllr. Mpho Khunou and pastor Jaco van der Linde of Unashamed Motorcycle Ministries.
A community united in prayer.
Rustenburg’s executive mayor councillor Mpho Khunou on bended knee for the community.
Prayer for protection, a community in prayer.
The Unashamed biker’s club, Eugene Prinsloo testifies of the glory of God’s greatness.
A word of encouragement from mayor Mpho Khunou.


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