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13 November 2017

Rustenburg/ Northam – The Platinum Bushvelder newspaper, the Platinum Weekly’s sister publication, was contacted by a community member, who is a victim of the latest local job scam, on Friday, 3 November.

A man promises community members employment at Glencore, saying that he works in the human resources (HR) department. He then asks his victims to pay anything between R750 – R2500, and then promise them “this would secure them a job”.

“He has targeted victims in Rustenburg, Northam, Thabazimbi, Brits and Amandelbult,” the Platinum Bushvelder was told. He uses a Brits residential address.

He promises his victims that they must go to Thabazimbi for a medical check-up, that they will go to Northam Platinum for training, and that they will get work in Brits.

DO NOT fall for this scamster!

How to avoid job scams

Genuine communication related to recruitment by Glencore will never require the job seeker to make payments at any point in the recruitment process.

Glencore has become aware of a number of job scams in which fraudsters try to extract personal information and money from people looking for jobs with Glencore and our related companies. Glencore put together this five-step guide to help you identify fake job postings and correspondence and help us all to beat these recruitment frauds.

How to spot a fraudulent job posting, email or other recruitment-related communication:

  1. They ask for money. Glencore NEVER ASKS for money.
    Glencore will never ask for money from you – in any circumstances. If someone is asking you to send them money, it’s definitely fraudulent.
  2. You receive an email from a non-Glencore email address.
    Glencore always use official Glencore email addresses, such as, or If the email you’ve received is from a free account such as Gmail, Yahoo! or Hotmail, it is not from them, and it’s not official.
  3. The job application is on a non-Glencore website
    All of Glencore’s official job postings are hosted on Although their jobs may be advertised on third-party sites such as LinkedIn, the application itself is always on the site above.
  4. Someone asks for bank details before we’ve made an official job offer
    Glencore never ask for your bank details until they’ve made an official offer, and they will always ask for your details using an official email address or other official communication channel.
  5. You receive a job offer for a role you’ve not applied for
    Before you can receive a job offer, you will always have applied for the job first, and will have been through our selection process, including a face-to-face interview. If this hasn’t yet happened, then it’s not an official job and you should not take it any further.

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